Sino-Indian Relations: Beyond Symbolism and Beyond Belligerence

Progress in Sino-Indian relations will require patience and creativity in spades.

India and the CHOGM in Sri Lanka: Well Played, Actually

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh made the right decision not to go to Sri Lanka

China Policy in India: For a Revolution in Mindsets

What is urgently required is for Indian strategy to move from reliance on the brilliance or charisma of individuals to the solidity of processes and institutions.

China in South Asia: Influence and Feedback

Presentation made at the British High Commission, New Delhi, 22 August 2013

A Framework for Understanding Sino-Indian Ties

What framework can we use to understand the current Sino-Indian relationship?

Military CBMs, Bilateral Agreements and the Sino-Indian Relationship

This essay examines the key agreements concluded between India and China in the post-Cold War era with implications for their boundary dispute and bilateral military CBMs.

Sino-Indian Military CBMs: Efficacy and Influences

What is the state of current military CBMs between India and China?How have these held up to the pressures of recent years?