Recalibrating India’s Foreign Policy in South Asia: The China Factor

New Delhi has tried to work around its internal contradictions and a weak economy with the help of rhetoric and high profile diplomacy but it is increasingly difficult to keep up the act.

Sino-Indian Relations: Beyond Symbolism and Beyond Belligerence

Progress in Sino-Indian relations will require patience and creativity in spades.

New Leadership in China: Quo Vadis Political Reform?

More than the challenges of political reforms, it appears the Communist Party of China fears a return to the populism and demagoguery of the Mao era.

Post-China’s 18th Party Congress: Socioeconomic Challenges Paramount

The fifth generation of the CPC leadership in China faces severe domestic challenges, chief among them, widespread corruption, increasing inequality, rising unemployment and growing regional disparities.

China and the Arab Revolutions

Rather than concentrate all power in one person or even in a select few, the Chinese Communist Party sought to increase its membership – to some 80 million, now – and to draft into its ranks, the educated and the talented. These select are allowed the freedom to be frank and critical to the rulers, as long as they accept the legitimacy of the Party