Foreign Minister Jaishankar’s Ramnath Goenka Lecture: Countering Dogma with Still More Dogma

The pragmatic realism of the kind that the Indian foreign minister appeared to promote at the lecture actually falls short where China is concerned.

Responding to China’s New Silk Roads Initiative

Where India’s China analysts and policymakers across two different political dispensations have been remiss, is in anticipating the ambition and scale of the Chinese initiative

China’s ‘New Tianxia’ and the Indian Response

The fundamental weakness in India’s response to Chinese diplomatic initiatives is its lack of human resources capacity within and outside the Indian government.

China’s Conference Diplomacy: Lessons for India

Unlike India, China understands the value of reaching out as often as possible through conferences and seminars to foreign intellectual and policy elites

China Policy in India: For a Revolution in Mindsets

What is urgently required is for Indian strategy to move from reliance on the brilliance or charisma of individuals to the solidity of processes and institutions.

Rising India’s Foreign Policy: A Partial Introduction

Current Indian foreign policy is informed by a realization that a combination of economic reforms and the end of the Cold War has steered India into a position of some considerable influence in the post-9/11 world. What then are the patterns of Indian foreign policy behavior in the new century?