China and Vietnam: Neither Thick Friends nor Constant Antagonists

There is a tripwire of caution built into the Sino-Vietnamese relationship, perhaps more so, on the Vietnamese side.

The Bandung Conference at 60: Redeeming Unfulfilled Promises

India and China as the Third World’s most populous, powerful and technologically-advanced nations, have the greater responsibility to drive Afro-Asian unity

Responding to China’s New Silk Roads Initiative

Where India’s China analysts and policymakers across two different political dispensations have been remiss, is in anticipating the ambition and scale of the Chinese initiative

Expectations from the Modi Visit to China

It makes sense for two countries the size and complexity of India and China for their cities and provinces to develop their own independent economic linkages with each other.

Interpreting Prime Minister Modi’s China Approach

Originally published as ‘Interpreting Modispeak on China’, The Hindu (Chennai), 14 May 2015. As Indian Prime Ministers and political leaders go, Narendra Modi is unique in possessing some significant experience of that country before attaining office. In fact, despite – or perhaps, because of – the differences in world views and how he has gone about understanding …

Regional Hegemony or Peaceful Rise? China’s New Silk Roads and the Asia-Pacific

China’s regional ambitions do tend toward hegemony that is both similar to and different from that of the United States in the region