China and India’s Agni-V Missile Test

Military capability – including nuclear weapons and credible missile delivery systems – can only form one part of India’s overall China policy, at best an insurance policy. And surely nobody takes insurance hoping there will be an occasion to claim it.

Chinese Claims on Arunachal: A Consequence of the Sino-Tibetan Dispute

In the mid-1980s, the core of the boundary dispute for China shifted eastward to Arunachal Pradesh. At least three possible reasons can be highlighted for this new Chinese emphasis. .

The BRICS Challenge: Converting Rhetoric to Leadership

Can the BRICS really be an effective, united and leading voice in the global economy? Is the BRICS grouping a challenge to the existing Western-dominated global order? The Fourth BRICS Summit that concluded in Delhi in late February has not quite answered these larger questions.

The fall of Bo Xilai and some reflections on Indian politics

What does the exit of Bo Xilai say about the stability of the Chinese political system? And what lessons might be drawn for the Indian political system?