India and the Arab Revolutions

A democratic transition in the Arab world is essential for India not only has civilizational linkages to West Asia and the Maghreb but also dense economic connections. And if India has seen its immediate neighbourhood descend into chaos of one form or the other due to failed transitions to democracy, it cannot now afford the chain of instability to grow still further.

Indian Public Opinion and Sino-Indian Relations

The impact of popular opinion on Sino-Indian relations has received particular attention in recent years. However, this is no phenomenon. In the run-up to the Sino-Indian conflict of 1962 and subsequently, popular feelings played an important role constraining the government’s freedom of action and in encouraging political players to make rash statements and promises.

Charting India’s China Policy for the Next Decade

How can India maximize its strengths in diplomatic and other arenas vis-à-vis China in a manner pushes forward the positive aspects of the bilateral relationship while simultaneously reducing chances for actual physical conflict of even a limited nature?

Five-Party Talks to Guarantee Borders in South Asia

A Five-Party Talks mechanism involving India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, China and the US is essential to finding solutions to the problems of both terrorism and the Kashmir dispute

Political Economy of Arunachal Pradesh in a Rising India

Arunachal Pradesh’s disputed status, unique socio-cultural makeup and difficult geographic location have elicited multifaceted responses from Indian policymakers.

Sino-Indian Relations at 60: Looking Ahead to the Next Decade

2010 marked the sixtieth anniversary of established diplomatic relations between China and India. Despite the initial euphoria attached to the concept of “Chindia,” the bilateral relationship between China and India continues to face numerous challenges.

China and India: Two Rising Powers at Loggerheads

Il n’y aura jamais de ‹‹ siècle asiatique ›› si deux de plus grandes nations du continent restent mé fiantes et incapables de travailler ensemble pour le plus grand bien collectif du monde

Chinese National Security and International Relations

How do China’s national security imperatives influence its international relations? And how do the various actors and dynamics in the Chinese decision-making process affect China’s international relations?