India, the NSG and China: Time to Move Away from the Blame Game

China has shown following the PCA ruling that the way to come back from a diplomatic loss is more diplomacy – political, economic and military – not less. India has much to learn.

China’s Conference Diplomacy: Lessons for India

Unlike India, China understands the value of reaching out as often as possible through conferences and seminars to foreign intellectual and policy elites

Li Keqiang’s India Visit: Towards Realistic Expectations

In the case of high-level visits, no matter what the problems and complications in a bilateral relationship, it is always important from a diplomatic point of view to make sure the atmospherics are excellent and that warmth and enthusiasm are on full display.

Rising India’s Foreign Policy: A Partial Introduction

Current Indian foreign policy is informed by a realization that a combination of economic reforms and the end of the Cold War has steered India into a position of some considerable influence in the post-9/11 world. What then are the patterns of Indian foreign policy behavior in the new century?