India-Taiwan Relations: Promise Unfulfilled

India-Taiwan relations lack both ambition and creativity and suffer from not a little pusillanimity.

China’s 2015 Defence White Paper: Military Strategy Meets Foreign Policy

Has Beijing reached a stage where it is willing to face crisis and/or conflict instead of preventing these in the first place?

China and Vietnam: Neither Thick Friends nor Constant Antagonists

There is a tripwire of caution built into the Sino-Vietnamese relationship, perhaps more so, on the Vietnamese side.

Taiwan’s 9-in-1 Election Results: Warning for the KMT-CPC Relationship

The end-November local election results on Taiwan suggest that China will have to both rethink the scope and recalibrate the pace of its embrace of the island

4th Plenum: Towards Rule of Law with Chinese Characteristics

The Decision of the 4th Plenum of the 18th Central Committee of the CPC is arguing that there is no one-size fits-all approach to democracy or governance

Hong Kong’s Occupy Central: Of Democracy, ‘Law’, and Identity

What are the Hong Kong protests about and how do they impact developments elsewhere in China’s periphery and within the country itself? What link do the protests have with India?

China and Narendra Modi

Does Narendra Modi’s decisive electoral victory hold significance for Chinese domestic politics? And what is China’s approach going to be to Prime Minister Modi?

China’s 2014 NPC: Long Road to Economic Restructuring

Even as India’s 15th Lok Sabha ended its tenure with the reputation of having conducted the least business among all its predecessors, in China, the NPC has become increasingly active