Indian States and Foreign Policy: Lessons from Chinese Provinces

Originally published as Jabin T. Jacob, ‘China’s Provinces and Foreign Policy: Lessons and Implications for India and its States’ in Subir Bhaumik (ed.), Agartala Doctrine: A Proactive Northeast in India Foreign Policy (New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2016), pp. 253-70. Extracts Even without their rising world profiles as a starting point, it has long been a …

Chinese Provinces and Nepal: The Case of Tibet Autonomous Region

China appears to be using its provinces such as Tibet, Yunnan and Sichuan to exercise influence in a different, apparently less threatening way in Nepal.

Expectations from the Modi Visit to China

It makes sense for two countries the size and complexity of India and China for their cities and provinces to develop their own independent economic linkages with each other.

Xi Meets Modi: A Historic Opportunity for Sino-Indian Leadership

Sino-Indian relations are at a new juncture. Modi and Xi must together summon the vision and statesmanship needed to grab the opportunity thus provided.

Sino-Indian Sub-National Economic Ties: Changing the Game

As the two countries try to improve their economic ties, much of their efforts will have to be concentrated at the sub-national level

3rd Plenum, 18th CC: A Reformist Agenda but Challenges Ahead

The communiqué issued at the end of the Plenum left many observers disappointed, but the follow-up 60-point “Decision” contained several important economic reform measures.

Centre-Province Relations in Contemporary China

Stronger and more autonomous provincial economies have in the reform era, led to increasingly assertive provincial governments but to assume this has come entirely at the expense of the central government would be a mistake.

China in 2011: Through the Indian Looking Glass

Isn’t China, like India, a country of over a billion people? Who but Indians can really grasp the incredible complexities and myriad problems of a billion people living under one flag?