India’s Xinjiang Abstention: Neither Morality nor Self-Interest Clear

Originally published as ‘What national interests has India achieved by abstaining at UNHRC vote on Xinjiang?’, Moneycontrol, 14 October 2022. In Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, George Smiley is asked a question about what morality was — whether it was a method or if it was “vested in the aims”. “Difficult to know what one’s aims …

100 Years of the Communist Party of China, Special Issue 1

China Report Vol. 58, No. 1, February 2022 100 Years of the Communist Party of China, Special Issue 1 Guest Editors: Jabin T. Jacob & Bhim B. Subba CONTENTSIntroduction: Towards Exceptionalism: The Communist Party of China and its Uses of History Jabin T. Jacob & Bhim B. Subba ‘Yelling at the Masses’: Making Propaganda Audible …

Xi Jinping in Tibet: What India Needs to Look Out For

The non-military uses of China’s civilian infrastructure build-up in TAR or Xinjiang must not be ignored

Xi Jinping Visits the Tibet Autonomous Region

Constant references to the ‘new’ to describe the Party-State’s views of developments on the Tibetan plateau underline Xi’s attempts to leave his personal stamp on Tibet policy.