China and Narendra Modi

Does Narendra Modi’s decisive electoral victory hold significance for Chinese domestic politics? And what is China’s approach going to be to Prime Minister Modi?

Indian Public Opinion and Sino-Indian Relations

The impact of popular opinion on Sino-Indian relations has received particular attention in recent years. However, this is no phenomenon. In the run-up to the Sino-Indian conflict of 1962 and subsequently, popular feelings played an important role constraining the government’s freedom of action and in encouraging political players to make rash statements and promises.

Provincial Interests and Foreign Policy

A combination of the success of economic reforms in certain provinces and of coalition politics at the national level underwritten by strong regional parties is beginning to translate into a ‘decentralization’ of Indian foreign policymaking. Indian provinces and their leaders are increasingly vocal in their opinions on foreign policy and international affairs and their views are beginning to have an impact on how the centre makes its foreign policy calculations.