Book : China’s Search for ‘National Rejuvenation’: Domestic and Foreign Policies under Xi Jinping

Jabin T. Jacob and Hoang The Anh (eds), China’s Search for ‘National Rejuvenation’: Domestic and Foreign Policies under Xi Jinping (Palgrave Macmillan, 2020).

This volume discusses a range of key domestic forces driving the current Chinese growth ranging from economic reforms to governance practices to analyze their impact and influence at home as well as on China’s foreign and security policies in its near and extended neighbourhood. At the same time, the volume also looks at specific themes like technology, agricultural development, reform of state-owned enterprises and the use of Party bodies to engage in foreign propaganda work among other things to offer examples of the merging of Chinese domestic political and foreign policy interests. In the process, the book offers its readers a better idea of China’s place in the world as the Chinese themselves see it and the implications over time for China, its neighbourhood and the wider world.

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1. ‘National Rejuvenation’ as Panacea for China’s Domestic and External Challenges

Jabin T. Jacob and Hoang The Anh

Domestic Developments

2. Reform of Party and State Structures in China

Nguyen Xuan Cuong

3. Changes in China’s Economic Development Model after the 19th National Congress

Nguyen Quang Thuan & Tran Hong Viet

4. Xi Jinping’s Political and Economic Initiatives and the ‘Success Trap’

Manoranjan Mohanty

5. Political Considerations in the Chinese Leadership’s Economic Assessments

Jabin T. Jacob 

6. China’s Military Reforms in the Wake of Recent CPC National Congresses

Bui Thu Hien

Neighbourhood Policies

7. Key Markers and Trends in Chinese Foreign Policy in South Asia 

Prashant Kumar Singh

8. The BRI and the East Sea Disputes in China’s Ties with Southeast Asia

Hoang The Anh

9. Strategic Competition between China and the United States in the Indo-Pacific 

Cu Chi Loi

10. Competition and Caution in Chinese Foreign Policy towards Northeast Asia

Nguyen Quang Thuan & Hoang The Anh


CPC Propaganda Abroad

11. The CPC’s International Department and China’s Party-based Diplomacy

Ngeow Chow Bing

12. China’s ‘Great Overseas Propaganda’ under the Belt and Road Initiative

Roger C. Liu


Economic Development and Foreign Policy 

13. China’s Quest for Global Leadership through Scientific and Technological Innovation 

Nguyen Binh Giang

14. Rural Vitalization Strategy and Foreign Policy

Prachi Aggarwal

15. China’s State-Owned Enterprises as Agents of Party and State Power 

Aravind Yelery

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Published by Jabin T. Jacob

China analysis from an Indian perspective

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